Coming up: Yin Yoga & Breathwork

In the next few months I will host a series of evenings together wit Laura Kraft from

Where Yin meets Yang

If you are not familiar with breathwork it can be quite exciting to dive immediately into the unknown. Yin yoga will prepare you for a softer space in your heart to start and gives you calmness and peace. To become aware of your natural breathing. After this practice you can make your journey in a conscious and deepening understanding of the self.


Bluebirds West

Jan Evertsenstraat 4-8



19.10 Yin Yoga

20.10 Breathwork

21.10 Sharing

21.30 Closing time


As a new team in a new city we want to offer this event in a way so everyone can join.
That’s why we handle the pay as you feel principle. Pay what feels good for you.

Average costs are normally €35 for a breathwork session and €15 for a yin class.

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Do you want to deepen the journey? We can offer you all 3 events in 2021 for €125.
If you want this, or you have a question please send me an email

Special event: Wild

During WILD you reconnect with yourself, nature, and others while being guided by professionals with a background in business, coaching, healing, and indigenous wisdom.

We’ll enable you to dive deeper into yourself, transform limiting beliefs, release stress and trauma and align yourself with your true purpose.

The WILD journey is designed for leaders and professionals that like to take the next steps in their personal development.

For you: a breathing session

Of course you can also book an individual breathing session. Or a series. During individual sessions we can focus on you. A session can take place in your home or at various locations in Amsterdam.

First time; intake 45 minutes and breathing session 60 minutes

€ 85,00

follow-up appointment; breathing session 60 minutes and before/after discussion 30 minutes

€ 70,00

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If you made it here, you probably already know me and/or what I do. If not, maybe you should ;-) Would you like to know more about breathwork? I'd suggest to start here or here.